Generation WOW Jacksonville 2014


Generation WOW 2014
The Positive and The Possible
Where the Leaders of Today Meet the Leaders of Tomorrow

The second annual Generation WOW wrapped up on the evening of November 5th with over 400 women and girls in attendance from all over Jacksonville.
The interest in participating in the event continues to enthusiastically grow as schools from across the Northeast Region wanted to send more young
women then we could accommodate. The creation of a forum where the leaders of today connect with the leaders of tomorrow in an upbeat environment of
The Positive and The Possible is really resonating.
“I’ve learned that I can be inspired by those I seek to inspire.”
-Lani Binnie, The Jacksonville Jaguars




took the stage and to sing “Mama told me not to waste my time, she said spread your wings my little butterfly”. The upbeat mood and tone was set for an afternoon of The Positive and The Possible.
Sabrina Santil, a senior at Fletcher High School and original Generation WOW girl, offered the following on what it means to be a GWOW girl:
“We never give up on our dreams just because they seem crazy to others. I hope that every girl here will not only absorb all the vital and helpful information given and apply it not only to their life but also to helping other young girls.”

The lessons shared in Letters to Our Younger Selves written by Samantha Orender, Cindy Edleman, and Yvette Hyater-Adams were truly inspiring to those in the audience.

“I know you just want to be sure that everything will turn out ok, and I’m here to tell you that it will.”
– Samantha Orender, Associate Attorney, Rogers Towers

“Sometimes you have to struggle and reach beyond your comfort zone and grow beyond everyone’s expectations to finally realize al those nuggets your Father shared are true.”

– Cindy Edelman, Board of Directors, Jacksonville Public Education Fund

“Your artistic side keeps you sane. Never, never, never, let that go.“
– Yvette Hyater-Adams, Chief Storytelling Officer, Narratives for Change

The Gen WOW girls added their own advice to their older selves. Rasheika Fulton and Priscilla Mejia wanted their older selves to remember a few key items:

“When things got crazy, and hard to figure out, write in your journal. Be as detailed as you can and don’t ever lie to yourself in your journal.”
– Rasheika Fulton, Fletcher High School

“Start and finish your goals, especially the one about making a difference in the world.”
– Priscilla Mejia, Darnell- Cookman High School

Our writer in residence and moderator, Yvette Hyater-Adams, concluded the narrative by asking everyone to post their pictures on the various social media outlets and at hashtag #GenWOW.

It’s hard to be what you can’t see. Exposure to new ideas, people, and conversations are what provides us with the motivation to expand our dreams. When Shauna Allen, Hollis Wilder, Simone Hyater-Adams, and Jen Weir took the stage, we saw possibilities that we do not usually see. A US Park Ranger, a woman that codes, a physicist and an entrepreneur chef encouraged us to think outside the box, draw outside the lines and begin to recognize that our possibilities are beyond what is right in front of us.

“Gen WOW was a great experience. I learned that there are several opportunities out there.”
– Destiny Connors, Darnell-Cookman High School

Kiera Geraghty, a tenth grader at The Bolles School spoke eloquently about why Generation WOW inspires her, and her hopes for all of the other Gen WOW girls in the room.
“I hope that all Gen WOW girls here have the same hope for today that I do: to make friends with all these amazing girls and women, to learn from all the speakers and mentors about life and dreams, to feel confident to be the leader I want to become, and leave with the knowledge that Gen WOW is always a part of my life.”

Walking and talking is one of the best ways to connect. It is a reciprocal learning process as mentees and mentors alike took the time to build a connection that can grow throughout the school year.
Connecting and networking are valuable life tools and at GENERATION WOW, the process was initiated.
We encourage all mentees to take the time to reach out to your mentors. We have heard of some great things happening and we have heard the opposite as well.
Honestly, this is a phenomenal experience, so WOW girls, reach outside your comfort zone, believe in you and just say HELLO.





“I loved it. Truly said something to me. I love my mentor.”

– Shanice Thomas, Fletcher High School

“I feel more powerful and proud to be a girl.”

-Abigail Costley, Darnell-Cookman High School

“Awesome! Thank you!”

– Vicky Zelen, Zelen Risk Solutions Inc.

“It was fun to branch out and meet new people, I did things out of my comfort zone. ”

– Alison Dumas, Darnell-Cookman High School

“It was so great meeting my mentees and I look forward to getting to know both ladies and being
as much help to them as I can.”

-Robin Warren, WJCT

“Gen WOW helped me find others like myself and hear an adult’s perspective other than my own!”

– Esther Iya, Paxon High School

“It made me realize my potential and how important I am.”

– Mileah Wilkerson, Ed White High School

“My experience was wonderful and I learned a lot of things.
I also came out more confident and respecting myself more. ”

– Bria Berrian, Terry Parker High School

“Positive and energizing.”

– Lee Anderson, University of North Florida

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