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More than 1300 girls and 600 women experienced the magic that is Generation WOW at events in Louisville, KY, Orlando, FL, and Jacksonville, FL. Generation WOW exposes girls to the positive and the possible by creating opportunities to connect with women who are already leaders in their communities, homes, and workplaces. Girls and women gathered to learn from inspiring speakers, connect during fun activities and dance breaks, and forge relationships that can last a lifetime. This year, corporate leaders, media personalities, civic activists, and even an Olympic medalist shared with WOW girls to inspire them to live their very best lives.

Stay connected for announcements about next year’s dates and cities. We can’t wait to make more magic happen!

Want to see Generation WOW in your city? Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know!

Here’s what some of our WOW girls and women had to say about WOW 2018!

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“I wanted to participate in the event to become a mentor and share my experiences. But little did I know, I would leave inspired and encouraged. I met two incredibly, amazing girls, who I believe will positively impact the world around them! I also learned how to level up, even though I couldn’t keep up.” – Kisha,mentor

“I am awed. Great opens and first speaker. This is an amazing event that touches and changes young women’s lives.” – Holly, mentor


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“Generation WOW was incredible and hard to beat when it comes to girl power. What I loved most about the day was the amazing speakers that told us their inspirational tales. I had an amazing time at Gen WOW and am sure enough coming again next year! Thank you for letting share this incredible day with you guys!” – Indeana, 11th grade

“This year was my second year attending Generation WOW and I swear it feels as if it gets better every year ! Though there were many great aspects of the event, my absolute favorite was the inspiration and the overall message of girl power.” – Trinity, 11th grade

“I love the beginning because when you get there, you can feel the energy by just standing in line with your friends and other girls. Everyone is excited and anxious, from what kind of color shirt their going to wear, to who they might see on stage. As a senior who’s gone to this event for 3 years, it made me happy the most because I was able to talk and tell other girls what they may expect from Gen WOW. “ – Dominique, 12th grade


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